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                                                                   The Doolittle Raiders On Tokyo                                             Everything ...
                                                                                           Do you know how many...                                                   I needed to Know ...
                                                                   have died... never returned home,                                             I Learned...
                                                                   so that you don't                                                             from
                                                        have to speak Japanese and German TODAY !!!!!                             Noah's Ark

World War II Legacy

"World War II Legacy"

book captures the story of my life. From 1930 my life under the Russian Dictator, Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union. 1941 at the age of 11, I survived 3 years in Hitler's Army for three years retreating on the fringes of the German Russian frontlines as Nazi forced labor during World War II. Surrendered at the age of 14 to the U.S. Forces in Tittling i. Dreiburgenland Bavaria, Germany.

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Bloody Footprints

1929 My Father Josef’s first deportation to Siberia

My Mother Nina Przegalinska -maiden name- Piotrowska twenty one years old I am six months old. Sixty years later I drew this picture in Palm Bay, Florida of My Humble Estate in Yur’yevka near Kyiv Ukraine, Soviet Union.

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Oxford Warehouse Carpet

1971- Our Store, "Oxford Warehouse Carpet". Junie with papoose on her back, Tad, Jr., 1 year old, and me. Oxford, Michigan

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Galin Family

The Galin Family, my wife June with Joseph and Tad Jr. 1973

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Home Life Again

Galin Kids

Tad Jr., five and Joe, three with their beloved Pushkin Holly, Michigan, 1975

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Tad and His Wife June

1992 Tad and June Galin and the Humble Beginnings of Legacy for Life. At the Wild Flower Restaurant, Meeting a friend, Ted Elias, at Happy Hour Time on Trans Coastal Waterway Boca Raton, Florida. Subject, New Biotechnology; Legacy was born.

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Legacy For Life Buildings

The Humble Beginnings of Legacy started here at # 1. And # 2. Above. Spring of 1998 Legacy's first office at 102 S. Harbor City Blvd. Melbourne, Florida.300 sq. ft. on the second floor on the back of the building on this side of the tracks with two little windows and no phone. It is here that I named Legacy USA, Inc. Legacy was born. We had 2 employees and growing. February 1998 we moved next door into 1500 sq. ft. a small freestanding building to the right #2

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German Heavy Machine Gun

German Heavy Machine Gun

PLATE 9. - M.G. 34
on Heavy Mounting.
Note the dial sight with which this weapon is equipped.

German Heavy machine guns like this far outmatched the light arms the Russian Partisans had to defend and than retake our village with, than lose it again to the Germans. 1942 this is when we, Mother and I were under the Gun taken by the German Army as laborers.

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It is important for man to develop his potential that he may be in readiness for all upheavals and all opportunities to Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Author, Tadeusz PrzeGalinski born
  in Yur’yevka near Kyiv, Ukraine
    former Soviet Union, Russia.
            Drawing by Author

April 1945, I Surrendered in Germany to U.S. Forces.
May 8, 1945 World War II Officially Ended.
I was 14 years old.
My sister Anne was 6 months old.
To avoid becoming a P.O.W. I discarded my German uniform.
The baby's clothes, my pullover and trousers
were given to us in Tittling i. Dreiburgenland
by friendly Bavarian locals.

Coming To America
1. Germany, Just Before Leaving For U.S.A.
2. Coming To America
3. Really Coming To America
The author is in the middle.

This Official Document confirms that
My Life Story is a True Story

Thank You Letter
41st U.S. President
George H. W. Bush

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Author's Life Under Hitler and Stalin

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Adolf Hitler's Retreat
Adolf Hitler 3rd from left returns the salute of his guests
at Berchtesgarden in Bavaria, Germany.

Sinister plans would soon play themselves out that would directly affect us
and some 175,000,000 people and then the rest of the world.

Book Reviews

“ Dear Tad, Your fascinating life story arrived in the mail and kept me reading it breathless. Your father’s escape from Siberia, your conscription by the Germans, the retreat to Bavaria after their army collapsed and your amazing integration in the American society, fulfilling convincingly the legend of the so-called American Dream. It constitutes as others already stated too, the ingredients for an epic novel.

Tad, I thank you and greet you warmly! ”

— Cornelis Suijk,
President Contemporary Holocaust Education Foundation, New York,
November 8, 2007

“ You have a fascinating story of the 20th century's most bloody years, and told from being right in the middle. ”

— Wayne Green, Ph. D., Founder of Mensa

“ I can't begin to imagine the hell you as a 12-year-old kid went through. A fascinating read this is! ”

— Former President George H. W. Bush

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In 1941, I was 11 years old in Hitler's German Army as Nazi labor.
1952 never went to school, got off the boat in NY Harbor
from Germany as a U.S. Soldier, could not speak or read English.

"Freedom is ...
the Strength of Our Nation."

33 years later
"Whispering Pines"

****** Author ******
Pastor Tad Galin, Sr. DD
( Tadeusz PrzeGalinski,
Doctorate of Divinity )
Science Of Life
The Prosperity Church

Believe It or Not!

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My Life Under Hitler And Stalin

Contact Information

Tad Galin
Phone: 561-362-8788


My Father in Siberia


1929 My Father Josef’s first deportation to Siberia
Winter 1930.
My father, Josef Przegalinski, Cutting trees in the Russian Taiga, Khabarovsk, Siberia.

I had to do this drawing from my memory of a drawing that was hanging on the wall in our house alongside with a portrait of my Father; it was done by my Fathers Brother Pawel when they joined my Father in this forsaken Russian Labor Camp for the purpose of passing to my Father a forged passport. My Mother and I were picked up by armed German soldiers in 1942.

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Adolf Hitler's Retreat

Adolf Hitler's Retreat
Close up of Hitler
Life changing staff meeting for the upcoming "Barbarossa", the code name
for the invasion
by Germany into Russia,
The Soviet Union,
June 22, 1941.
This was the beginning of World War II.

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D-Day Normandy Invasion Troops

Art work rendered
by Richard von Gerhardberg

World War II June 6, 1944 General Eisenhower Addressing Troops for the D-Day Normandy France Invasion. All of these men and more made a statement in their lives, that freedom is not free. This Author was freed by these men at 14.
The Price!
U.S. Military men and women
Killed 407,316
Wounded 671,846
Never returned so that we can raise our families with liberty and peace.

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Berlin Air Lift

British Polish Command
Special Forces
1948-49 Trauen, Germany, British Sector
Berlin Air Lift
Among other duties,
for several months
with these Special Forces,
our job was to support
and transport supplies
and material round-the-clock
for the "Berlin Air Lift."
The Cold War was in full swing.
I was eighteen years old.

From Here at 18 years of age
I decided to move
to American Sector
to Join the U.S. Polish
Special Forces.
This event changed my History.
This ultimately would lead me
to the U.S. Army
and the U.S.A.

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Kirchheimbolanden, Germany

1950 Kirchheimbolanden,
1951 Kiserslautern,
Germany American Sector,
U.S. Polish Command
Special Forces
Guarding special ammunition located in old abandoned mines
used by U.S. Military
after World War II
as secret storage
deep in the German forest
40 miles from nowhere.
I was twenty years old.

Here at 20 years of age
One year later
I was on my way ...
I joined the U.S. Army
Ratified by the
81st 82nd and 84th Congress.
This was my destiny,
to build my Family's Legacy,
to prosper,
raise my family in U.S.A.
in freedom,
The Land of the Free
and The Home of the Brave,
and to write my life story,
"My Life Under Hitler and Stalin".

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Statue of Liberty

I arrived in New York Harbor January, 1952. I was 22 years old. For the first time in my life, I was free. The most beautiful sight in the world.

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Model Soldier

1952 U.S. Model Soldier
Ft. Devens, MA

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Soldiers, Very Young

We were soldiers and very-very young

1953 Guarding Perimeter in Korea and the simple life, lots of fresh air. It seems as if Siberia and Alaska met right here in the wintertime 8,000 miles from nowhere!

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Galin's Living Photos

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